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B i o g r a p h y

Jordi Barceló is considered the most excellence musician of Andorra. Pianist, composer and teacher, is the founder and co-owner of La Grandàlia Music Artist Center in Andorra La Vella  where he teaches piano classical, jazz, latin & modern style. He is the Musical Director of the Grossband (brass band), comprising 30 amateurs musicians, it combined with concerts around the world.


He co-worked as a composer, arranger, musical director and performer on the piano with many international artists and groups both classical, jazz, flamenco and Latin music, Artists: Lucrecia, Miguel Ángel Céspedes, Ángela Carrasco, Moncho, Mónica Green, Parrita, Los Manolos, Cotton Club Big Band, Andorra Big Band, ONCA (National Classical Orchestra of Andorra), Cor dels Petits Cantors d'Andorra.


He completed studies in classical piano at the Conservatori Municipal de Música de Barcelona and graduated in Jazz at ESMUC (High School Music of Catalonia). He start to play like a professional pianist with the help of his father who takes it in the summer to make accompanist cruise. At 20 years old he founded and directs the Cotton Club Big Band, alternating with teaching.

After numerous co-ventures with other international artist, 2010 decided to record his first published work "Latin Stride Piano" with classics, jazz standards and original compositions with the Stride piano technique aplicated to latin music style.

His second album made in 2012, La Grandalla (Tocant el cel) / Narcisus (Touching the sky) is a memory of the composer memories.

A disc which contains eleven songs that represent situations experienced by him, experiences that eventually became beautiful melodies.

The third CD presented Jordi Barceló it call Esperança (Hope), an album full of feelings and sensations, the disc it self as a prestigious career.

In 2016 presents new musical project, Latin Stride & Flamenco, new songs he composed with Flamenco and Latin Style, Specialty playing Barceló.

He currently combines classes with concerts and has just produced the latest record project "Mama (life is like the sea)".

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